Monday, March 21, 2011


Daniel Aldrin "Flip-D" Tuazon
Music Producer/Beat Maker/Song Writer

Born on Sept.25, 1990
Born at Pasig City,Philippines 
Grew up in Mandaluyong,Philippines
Age: 20

Known as Daniel or D.A. in real life, Flip-D was born with a passion for music. 
During his 5th grade in grade school, Flip-D joined the school's Drum and Lyre. 
He then discovered his interest and talent in music. Played as a lyrist and snarer, he developed and improved his melodic and rhythmic talent. 
On his 6th grade, Flip-D joined a church choir and discovered his talent in singing/songwriting. He started playing around with the piano and started to write his own songs. 
After more practice, Flip-D joined a band as a keyboardist as he moved on to high school.
Together with John Bryan, Shela, Alex, JC, and Jaworski, they formed a band called "Raisins".
But due to his studies, Flip-D was forced to quit the band.
But that didn't stop him from playing instruments and making music.
On his 4th year high school, Flip-D formed his own band called "Gerbaks" with Emerson, Patrick "Wapi", Kenneth "Chie", and Charles.
But unfortunately, Flip-D flew to California, USA and the band was discontinued.
With a gradual lack of influence with Rock/Alternative, Flip-D lost his interest and started to discover the Hip Hop world.
At age 17, he started joining the hip hop "beat making" scene. 
In late 2007, Flip-D started taking beat making seriously and joined the RocBattle community. He started selling beats and joined beat battling winning 11 straight consecutive wins. 
Flip-D also joined a lot of beat selling websites and selling beats was a blast earning him at around 300$ a week. 
On 2008, he decided to take music into a higher level and started producing songs. 
He joined a group called Los Angeles Music Group formed by his friends and started producing higher quality music for the masses. 
He also started becoming a freelance Sound Engineer after interning in a small Recording Studio held by LAMG.
Having personal issues with the group, Flip-D left the group and started producing by himself. He then started working with underground/upcoming artists.
With YungMiss' (Away Message), Chris James' (Perfect Harmony) Donatello and Lizeth's (And They Ask Me), Tugmaan Records' (Sana Nga Hindi Na, Unang Sigaw, We Got the Boom and more), Flip-D continued to produce hits. 
Still working with YungMiss, Chris James, Donatello, Lizeth, Cristina Ballestero, La'Prince, Ron-G, JOC, Party Kingz, and an independent Flipino group called Tugmaan Records, Flip-D now at 20 is still pursuing his career in music. 
From Tagalog to English, Flip-D will surely surprise you with mind blowing beats and passion for music.

Tugmaan Records™
Flip Multimedia Group™

Flip-D Website (Temporary)

Flip-D Website (Soon)

Tugmaan Records

YM: danny_23_
CF: _Flip_D_
AIM: Flip D Beats

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