Friday, December 24, 2010



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1. Gumamela - Angelo (inhinyero)
02. Miss Ikaw - Angelo Pimpnoy
03. Hindi mo Pansin - Classiclove & Zamatha
04. Ikaw lamang - Bass Rhyme Posse
05. 3rd world girl - Aero
06. When can i see you again - SwenexXx
07. Tanging ikaw - Caliph1 ft. Mhajeztical of Midwest
08. Wag Mong Kalimutan - Microphone fiendz
09. Stick my D in your T remix - J-hon,Benj,Tuglaks feat. Billy down the block
10. Di na aaza - Jheyluv, Scoop One and Cheytac ft.Mz. Geneviv
11. Dudeley para kay Jab - Dudeley Jab feat Joana & Bugoy na koykoy
12. Naaalala kita - Stilloz Pride
13. Nothing gonna stop us - Angel Boga
14. Liham - Young blood, Jhaytwist, faithOne
15. Dahil minahal mo ako - Jheycie3m
16. Slow it down - Bonzai one ft. B.O.K.
17. Cold Summer nights - Unique umali (francis Magalona tribute)
18. Fallen angel - Nahrulz

Eros infinita vol.1 our 2nd Free Mixtape album.
i would like to dedicate this to C&C familia,
to my team PHS (Gboy, Bj, Rix, crazyflipp, Teardrop, Jasmine luna, Sasha, Lala,

Dhada, Zas and J-zoom) and to all pinoy hiphop fans, PHS friends and to all who

supported me.
to dedicated friends who always holla at me (Asha Mojica, Ira-Dyme, joke lang,

jhennie cashmierre, Jinkee, Lady Kaori, Yuri and Lil sisa)
and those who participated to all my freestyle wall battles and
Happy battles. para sa inyong lahat to. at para sa lahat na mga inlove. :-)

i would like to thank all the artist who participate and support me in this 2nd

project, and to all who send thier entries, although not all entries
are choosen but thank you for the overwhelming support.
marami pa tayong magiging projects.

talented underground artist like Angelo, Angelo Pimpnoy of BSK Recordz thank you

fow always cooking a new song for me anytime i ask sir, sir Jhay of Bass Rhyme

posse! WOW we have hiphop legend support over here, to sir Aero of 3rd

world/Turbulence production-finally from one of my favorite label,
SwenexXx, Caliph1 and Mhajeztical of Midwest, Microphone fiends, Bonzai one and

B.O.K., J-hoon and Billy down d block (KONEKTADO), Jheyluv, Scoop One and Cheytac

ft.Mz. Geneviv of Signatura records,
Dudeley jab of Laguna clan muzic, Joana & Bugoy na Koykoy, Stilloz Pride, sir Angel

boga of Laguana clan muzic, jhaytwist, young blood and faithOne, Jheycie, sir

Unique umali and nahrulz.

and thanks for supporting me again here: sir Angelo pimpnoy, Dudeley Jab, Unique

umali, and Bonzai one. lakas ko sa inyo maraming salamat.

Salamat sa mga entries ang lulupet!!!

and thank you to sir Madshock (Rapista) for always giving me creative ideas
and advice. i also like to credit him for giving me a very clever title for
this love album.

and thanks to Angelo Karl Francis Estipona for making Love graffiti art.
thanks homie!!!

EROS INFINITA vol.1 !!! love is in the air HAYOP!!!!


watch out for volume 2 & 3 too... :-)

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