Friday, April 3, 2020

PHS Top 10 Artist on 24 Bars Mark Beat Challenge


Shout out to 
all artist who shared their 24 bars entries
Shout out to sir Mark Beats Brogarolas for that dope beat Check the rest of our PHS Top 10s 
*This ranking is only base on our ( opinion only
and not based on voting or any kind of system. Enjoy! 

*PHS doesn't own any of the tracks or clips included in this list.
Please make sure to visit videos by typing the title and artist. 

10. 00:00 - Mhot
9. 01:08 - PSKL (Nova Mob)
8. 02:15 - Mike Kosa
7. 2:24 - Curse One
6. 4:35 - Pricetagg
5. 5:46 - Damsa
4. 06:57 - Tanikala
3. 08:05 - CLR
2. 09:16 - Geo Ong
1. 10:25 - Lyrah Lyrah (Nova Mob) for more 

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