Thursday, August 3, 2017

South East Cartel New Album ***coming soon

Now listening to an advance copy of a NEW #SouthEastCartel Album, im always been a fan of the group dahil sa quality of their music, their videos are insanely good, sila ung music group who do their own stuff not trying to be "Pop" or "Pang masa"
if your into pinoy rap this group is RAW with a international flavor you should check them out. Im having some eargasm while listening to them, ito ung mga tipo ng rap na gustong gusto ko, they also have some skit that give props to our local rap legends, and im not just hyping the group, IM F*CKIN HYPING them up. Make sure to have a copy is their new album. Im gonna be enjoying this album for a month repeated forever, Ganito ang hiphop.  #ItimNaTupa #BlackSheep #SouthEastCartel Thanks sir @Ian De vera for giving me advance copy of this album

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