Monday, November 3, 2014

Martin Briones

Martin Briones is an American born musician, singer-song writer, music producer and recording artist from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is part of the triumvirate that forms SkyHigh Music. SkyHigh Music’s collective body of music production includes production with commercials (Chevrolet Asia), films (Three21 Films), video games (NBA2k), and major and independent recording artists. Their innovative sampling, musicianship, layering, and structuring, brings together an aesthetically and emotionally rewarding expression of music that makes it unique from all other works of music.

Early life & Beginnings
Martin Briones was born in Jacksonville, FL, to a mix raced couple. His father is a retired Filipino Navy officer while his mother is a teacher, of Scottish descent. Coming from a military family he had the unique opportunity in acquiring a wide array of musical influences from the different regions of the world. He has lived in Florida, California, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Scotland, but was mainly raised in Virginia Beach, VA. Martin’s musically entailed family background includes a father who is a self-taught guitarist, mother who was a singer, both his brothers are musicians who formed their own punk-rock band The Razor Kings ( and his cousin, Lilly Aycud, a highly acclaimed trumpet player. Martin's musical evolution started at an early age where he first remembers memorizing, reciting and performing popular songs. He started taking piano lessons at age eight, and trumpet lessons three years later. In his early teen years, Martin showcased his creativity and musical ability through DJ-ing, song-writing & rapping. At 16, he decided to change his hoop dreams to a life dedicated to music. Around this time he was introduced to the production side of music by family friend Chad Hugo, of Neptunes and N.E.R.D. By 18, Martin had established his first, which turned out to be a well known studio (SkyHigh Studios VA) in the back of his father’s barbershop. Shortly after, he and his partners moved to NY/NJ to further pursue their musical aspirations and opened SkyHigh Studios NJ. Giving them access to the major record labels based in New York City they further built up their catalog and clientele.

Musical Style
Martin Briones gathers inspiration from legendary icons’ such as Stevie Wonder, Isley Brothers, Sade, Jodeci, Rakim, Big Pun and Jay Z. Martin is a true artist and student of music. He looks at his musical journey as a "continuous learning experience, where ideas and inspiration are manifested into music". He has lived and grown with the culture that inspires popular music of today. Drawing from his well travelled past he blends a well thought out sum of different styles and genres. An official "HipHop Head" at heart, he can still flawlessly incorporate varying ranges to his music; where he can't only be categorized as a rapper or singer and would prefer to be known for his keen songwriting and production capabilities. 

Continuing to create relevant but timeless music, Martin has decided to come from behind the scenes and release his own album "AHEAD OF MYSELF" and continues to write and produce for other artists.

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