Friday, October 10, 2014


Fortunately i was able to catch the 20th anniversary of the legendary group
LEGIT MISFITZ thanks to Don Rice for allowing me 
and giving me that opportunity.
But enough of me, and lets focus on the events. ENJOY the rest of the pictures

The Host of the evening Sam Rhansum and Sir Nathan J

The Documentary

The Son of the Flip-Hop Jheggo and Dash

A jam packed stage of Old and New School "ISANG JEEP" Collabo Track

Ron Henley

I-Dreh Artstrong 

The Reunion of the 7 Shots of Wisdom can you ask for more?

Miss Iza Calzado Message for the Legit

The Legendary Jay Flaca

The Legit with sir Boom Dayupay

100 porsyento

DJ Buddah and Chill in the buildin

Kaycee of Turf

Sir Edrex and Righteous One

Sadly i don't have all the pictures that i want, because crews are stopping me
to used cameras and gadgets, so i just sneak around ninja style to show
you guys how DOPE this was. I also have personal pictures with them too
but ofcourse i won't post it here. 

10-10-14 LEGITMISFITZ20 indeed HISTORY

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