Monday, September 29, 2014

HomeWorkZ Music MV-Launch Party ***EVENT PICTURES

Luckily i have a chance to attend another event, and i don't regret it
i meet alot of people from Jay-R to Kat Lopez, Salbakuta to Juan Rhyme
it's was dope, the music vids, specially Salbakuta's "Grabe ka" have a funny ending,
the music performance are cool as well.
 plus im with Bloody Rhymez na talaga naman hardcore
when it comes to organizing, helping and promoting events in 
underground scene, Jozza and sir Bleed are indeed both well respected.
enjoy the rest of the pictures.

HomeWorkZ main head Jay-R doing what he do best
indeed RnB Royalty.

this pictures belongs to Jozza Rhymez

Roxanne with Direk Edrex

and the lovely ladies.


Salbakuta with Jay-R


Jimmy Muna, Cielo Astrid, Dannie Boi

Juan Rhyme

Kat Lopez with a song that most can related to.

*videos of this event to be posted soon

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