Friday, July 25, 2014

SO RANDOM interview with Janine Pooner

My So Random interview features other people outside the hiphop world, alam nyo na yan,
usually i feature models, leaders, business women and succesful people in their field.

isa sa mga na kapalitan ko ng info ay si Miss Janine Pooner
who just happen to be a model(a nice one) as well, maybe you know her,
maybe nakita nyo narin sya sa mga music videos.
Ano nga bang napag usapan namin dalawa? read em below:


PHS: Kamusta ka ngayon mam Janine? what are you into lately?
Janine Pooner : I'm good. Work School & Preparing for my bday tomorrow.

PHS: WOW birthday celebrant pala ang ini interview ko  advance boss. so your still studyin'?
Janine Pooner : Yes hehe. Yup. 3rd year College Lyceum. Tourism.

PHS: Tourism very nice...but what about your works? i mean your modeling too right?
Janine Pooner : Modeling Agency. Full time.Yup, shoot's events hosting ramp etc..

PHS: WOW! im just curious, sino naka discover sau to do modeling and how he/she approach you.
Janine Pooner : When i was 7years old nag momodel na talaga ko eh hehe.My mom.

PHS: Oh i didn't know what, so that modeling agency is not just an agency but yours or from your family?
Janine Pooner : No, iba agency ko before sa ngayon.Nope.  not from my family.

PHS: I see can i ask why shifting to another agency? did you apply for that or did they ask you to be part of them(sorry medyo wala akong idea sa ganyan)
Janine Pooner : Hehe, they're now close. Yup They ask me to be part of them.

PHS: Papano ka nila inapproached? and what do you have in mind when your were asked?
Janine Pooner : Sa dance contest nila ko na discover nun eh. Nag start sa commercial kukunin ako nung bading na manager. Tapos commercial sa Jollibee with Aga, then ayun hanggang sa nakilala na then start na raket raket.

PHS: wow nice do you still have a copy of your commercials?dance? what kind of dance
Janine Pooner : Wala ako sa baka sa youtube hehe. 7years old pa ko nun.Group dance.

PHS: Just group dance but not hiphop right?
Janine Pooner : Yup

PHS: Ano naman ang naramdaman mo once you know that the photoshoot is a sexy one? nagka doubts kaba?

Janine Pooner : Hindi naman. Wala, Sanayan lang.

PHS: I remember the first time i saw you doing sexy photoshoots nabigla ako, kasi way back ang porma mo ay hiphop
Janine Pooner : Hehe oo wala yun porma lang

PHS: At first i thought you were an artist too.
Janine Pooner : Hahaha!

PHS: Now that you will continue studying, pano na ang modeling career? Do you have any future plans about it?
Janine Pooner : School & Working at the same time. Nahahandle ko naman kahit medyo mahirap. kailangan eh.

PHS: That's proper time management right
Janine Pooner : Right.

PHS: Sa tingin mo ano ung pinaka maganda or pinaka mapagmamalaki mong photoshoots
Janine Pooner : Madami eh.VS Philippines.Magazines.Ganun hehe.Madami po.

PHS: Magazines, anong mga magazines napo nag feature sau?
Janine Pooner : Bawal kasi labas yung iba.Candy Magazine.

PHS: Kahit ung mga pwede lang
Janine Pooner : BELLA FILIPINA.

PHS: ung iba bawal dahil sa photographer rights or dahil sa ibang bagay?
Janine Pooner : Dahil sa photogs.Sa albums ko madaming shoots dun kuha kana lang kung gusto mo.

PHS: I see same photographers i get it sa tingin mo you will continue modelling till what age?
Janine Pooner : Hmm til 23?Don't know actually hehe.I think 23

PHS: 23? bata kapa nun can still do alot after that, do you have any tips sa mga aspiring models?
Janine Pooner : Tuloy lang sa kung ano talagang gusto nila. Be true to self. And no care in the world just show what you want

PHS: Most of the models are tall, ano po ang iyong height i've seen you before matangad ka. What can you say to those na nagbabalak na maging model pero di gaanong kataasan?

Janine Pooner : 5'7.Okay lang naman ngayon kahit di matangkad. Shoots events ganun always wear heels.Pero sa ramp di sila pwede.

Sadly this interview doesn't end the way i wanted it to be.
parang bitin eh, but it's okey maybe ms. Janine is busy.
still swerte parin that i was able to ask her some stuff.
im sure makakakita pa ko ng mga magagandang kuha from her

as her carreer grows on.  - PHS

NOTE: ALL PICTURES belongs to her facebook account we don't own any of the pictures used above.

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