Monday, June 16, 2014


First sorry for the bad quality... my camera is not really for videos
and the sounds was too loud,
i was trying to put my logo in all the videos, pero
dumoble ang size so i just upload it as is nalang anyways 
what happen in BIKE WARS? check below:

 The crowd of BIKE WARS 3

 Binibini by Layzie Fu & Pikaso of Turf Ent live performance

 The Turf Girls (Kaycee and KitKat) which is dope by the way
although nagkaron ng technical problems, Kaycee do some beatbox
and continue the performance Kudos! galing

Turf Ent Pikaso and Kush live performance

 Hearty The bomb live performance as well

 Flowmatics with the BIKE WARS Theme Song
with all the Pinas Lowridaz members and STF girls

and oh by the way this one is dope! :-)

and some others here:

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