Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sam Rhansum give props to PHS

so today i read this from sir Sam Rhansum himself

"10-30-13 Today I am thankful for Pinoy HiphopSuperstar. This is gonna get personal, so bear with me. I have spent my life as an “outsider”. A little southern boy who never developed the “accent”. Then a little white boy “rapping” and “making beats”. No matter how many awards, battles won, stages rocked you end up just “good for a white boy”. Never just “good”. I had to fight to earn respect. And I kinda developed a chip on my shoulder to prove my worth. Then I came here to the Philippines. And it started all over. Once again an “outsider”. Now not just my skin color, but my nationality, my history and my swagger. The board was erased and I was once again judged on the outside. And the culture here doesn't see the “chip” the same way. You walk into a joint back home with a smile, you look "weak" and you’ll get eaten alive. You DON’T walk into a joint here with a smile, but this skin color and swagger you look like an asshole. I had to loose the “chip”. But I still wondered if I would ever be accepted here. Some still don’t. But most have seen the heart and the desire to work with good people on good music. Regardless of race, or even language. I STILL don’t know who runs the PHS site. But my inclusion in it a year or so ago meant THE WORLD to me. Someone, who puts their time and efforts into supporting and promoting the local artists, considered me local. And most important considered me “part” of the scene. And for that I am TRULY THANKFUL."

I’m actually having troubles getting online lately because I get busy to work, and personal life And sometimes because I’m just plain lousy, or bored of the things I usually do, and appreciation like this inspires me because I remember doing PHS page without even any clue of what I am doing I just love making cards and hate not knowing people that I respect, like when I search about Nimbus 9 or Zikk I don’t know what they look like, that’s the very main reason of me doing the thing, later on it became something of a movement, people in the hip hop community appreciates what I do, they get inspired by it too, and when they do that pumps me up, and get inspired that PHS is something worth all my effort.

Talk about something with the caliber of Sir Sam Rhansum, most of them (international artist) helps us,
Most of them are actually more pinoy than us, they embrace our culture with all of their hearts, some are even better tagalog speaker than us or at least love our country way better. He’s inclusion in the PHS is all worth it, he has done nothing but to keep helping pinoys emcees, producers(Battle of the beats anyone?)
and pinoy hip-hop as a whole.  So I will say this again YOU ARE WORTHY to be in PHS sir, and more than welcome in the Pinoy Hip-hop community. THANKS AS WELL. - PHS

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