Sunday, January 27, 2013

SB MUSIC (event pics)

sadly due to camera error's i can't take videos.
anyways check the event picture here:

MC Cali

Delicado Uno

Negatibo x Zaito x Dhzire Uno x McNasty

Prince Rhyme vs Waway (Bagsakan Battle)

Zaito x Jheyzee x Teardrop

Tugmaan Records

Negatibo x Cartwise

Negatibo x Dzhire Uno x Delicado Uno

Angel Montana x Jozza Rhymez x Bleed

Cello vs Summa (Bagsakan Battle)

Zaito x Jozza

Jheyzee x Syper Wun x Jozza

Angel Montana x Jozza

Syper Wun X Jozza

Bonafide x Angel Montana x Dzhire Uno

Jozza x Bleed

3 on 3 (Bagsakan Battle)

Bonafide x Dzhire Uno x Righteous One

Dzhire Uno

Righteous One

Dzhire Uno x Negatibo

Dzhire Uno x Bonafide x Negatibo

Angel Montana


Righteous One vs Pistolero (Bagsakan Battle)

Tambayan Records

Yon oh, after some technical difficulties gumawa ng ibang paraan
back to the basic, instead of using the beat Summa do beatbox for Jozza
astig ang performance.


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