Thursday, December 22, 2011

Popcee ng Bahay Recordz

Popcee of BahayRekordz

Born and Raised in Cavite
CEO of FlipJap 
Created Boss Genki? (turf) clothing and "Pwede" (Malikhain clothing)

groups : 
losbagitos /427family 2002-2009/
Espada Japan -2010-2011
BAHAY Rekordz - 2011(present)

Influences: tupac ,gloc9, my brother OMEN of Vigilante Family

First held the microphone at age of 12 on september 22,2002..

Began sweepin all the titles inside Cavite with them rivals(Zaito,OB1's KarmasClan,Pazaway2k).. Performed at "the community" , "99.9 da bomb fm" "padispoint" etc.. 

Migrated to Japan in 08 .Became a member of one of the most elite rap group in japan ESPADA pro.. 

Created the historic FLIPJAP1 &2 (first pinoy rap battle league in japan) 

About to release a song entitled "Tawag ng Tunog" under the revived and newly launched record label "Bahay Rekordz"


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