Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sino Ako Mixtape (invitation)


i thinking about making a mixtape about "Sino Ako"
some rapper have a track about My name is, or who i am, or whats my name
to present themselves

like this:
DMX - What's My Name

Snoop Doggy Dog: What's My Name?

Eminem - My Name Is

Eminem-Marshall Mathers

yan ung ibang mga samples ng gusto kong makuhang kanta
i want to make a collection of songs of you guys introducing yourselves or your group.

a collection that will be compiled into a mixtape.
mas gusto kong magpasa dito ung mga underground artist na hindi ko pa kilala
but anyone can join, sana make your track strong enough
 as it will leave me an impression about you guys.

send your tracks sa aking email:
and pls let me know na may sinend kayo

deadline of submission: Sept 30 pwede pang mapaaga dipende sa dami ng entries

this topic is so easy pero syempre like the usual hindi lahat ng track matatangap ayt
pls make it tight!
pls support

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