Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Krook & Jolo

Krook & Jolo

they were also originally a 3 man crew known as Trilogy composed of Kristyles, JOLO & Krook.. and just like Brand Nubian... Right after the group's debut album.. one member left... and in this case Kristyles is the one who left the group.. Krook & JOLO continued their career and released an album without a group name and it is just simply titled "Focused"...

Here's their songs, sampled from the 80's band Simply Red. The Krook & JOLO version featured R&b singer Arnee on the hook.

Krook and JOLO are former members of TRILOGY. Krook is Mark Angle and JOLO is Jolo Raagas.

"Krook and Jolo-somtimes life goes wrong"

"Krook and Jolo ft. T-On Your Own"

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