Thursday, July 28, 2011

Khen Magat

Khen Magat of Serpientes is arguably the most prolific rapper in the local freestyling circuit. Not only can he deliver rhymes right off the dome, he does it incredibly fast... without getting tonguetied! Winning Andrew E's "Philippine Rap Olympics 2003" with his group Serpientes, Khen has found himself on the roster of the Philippines' largest and longest-established record distribution, "Dongalo Wreckords."Khen Magat also appeared and guessed on TV shows such as “Home Boy” (ABS-CBN morning talk show),“Singing-Bee”(ABS-CBN singing game show),“WowoWee” (ABS-CBN noon time show)”Extra Challenge”(GMA game show), “Ride to Fame” (GMA game show), “SIS” (GMA Morning talk show)He also featured on Mr. Andrew E’s “Krispy na Kreamy pa”, “CLEAN” and "CLUBZILLA"Album. Khen Magat released his underground album entitled “Serpientes” composed of 10 songs under Dongalo Wrecords Philippines.Khen Magat has sign last May 12, 2011 under management of BwB Records And now, Khen Magat is well known in the Philippine Rap Industry.

For shows and Bookings pls contact -(02)416-4140 or 09228377915

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