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A.P.O.K.A.L.I.P.S.I.S (Ang Pahayag O Katotohanan At Lirikong Isinulat Para Sa Inaping Sugatan) is a new-age hip-hop group composed of Duanesis, Rhyxodus and DJ Savage. Their first single, "'SANG LINGGO" from their debut self-titled album under Real Deal Entertainment & ILL KAMP label, is a showcase of the trio's spittin' ill lyrics and infectiously tight beats.

The "APOKALIPSIS" album is a versicolored trip into the inner realms of hardcore Pinoy hip hop. Through the 17 tracks the listeners is pleasantly transported into a youthful subculture which gives a clear glimpse of how they react to issues, life, love and other stimuli which affect their very existence.

In all honesty, the trio of Duane V. G. (Duanesis), Rhyxson B. C. (Rhyxodus) and Greg M.L. III (DJ Savage), rap what they want to communicate in moving and sometimes disturbing songs such as "Salapi," "Magdamag," "Serbesa," and "Digmaan". In every song, they put across a message which they hope could be understood by listeners of all ages.

Duanesis believes that with the right skills and attitude, he can spread his message and revitalize the synergy of hip hop. On his part, Rhyxodus strives to reinvent freestyle rap with more sense and rhythm. The collaboration hopes to bring hip hop to a higher level, from which a wider audience can appreciate it and relate to hip hop sentiments which are but parts of our daily lives.

Then came the newest addition to the group, DJ Savage, who gave some input to their debut album under Real Deal Entertainment & ILL KAMP label. His being a guest DJ on the album was not enough, so APOKALIPSIS is no longer a duo to reckoned with but a trio with endless hip hop potentials.


apokalipsis - isang linggo

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