Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PHS Top Tracks 3-15-11

i want to make this a monthly basis parang PHS top 15
but without numbering system since di ko alam kung
pano ang i pupull out ang isang botohan. 

so far these are the best tracks
i've heard from feb 15 - march 15-11.

no bias shit, underground to semi mainstream can be listed here.
so pls flood my wall so i can listen to your tracks ayt.

hottest mixtape: soulfiesta.blogspot’s 
“The Community 2006” mixtape

this list is not official Top tracks of local hiphop, (Hello MYX, Hello any other stations)
IT'S MY OWN LIST. and irerecommend ko ung mga tracks na pumasok sa aking standards.

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