Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mike Kosa

It was the year 2001 when I started rapping at the Rap Olympics hosted by Andrew E.
I was one of the finalists at the Freestyle Battle and also was proclaimed "Best Costume" due to our "Orange Jumpsuit Prison Wear" with my partner Dj Jon DMJ as Dos Talentos.It was the first time that we've joined a rap contest that was also aired by IBC 13 and Destiny Cable.
Andrew E saw potential in us and got us signed up with Dongalo Records. I even featured on his "Porno Daw" album on the song "Andrew E. Goes On" and "Mama Cita" on his "Santa Claws" album that was released on 2003.

Along the way with Dongalo Records, I realized that they don't give much priorities to artists such as me and my colleagues even though due to the fact that I know that our level in the industry is way beyond Salbakuta. So on 2004, I left Dongalo Records and hussled my way up with Dj Jon DMJ. It was back to zero again, a lot of struggles, sweat and blood was drained from us till we can get back on our feet. We went through a lot of shows and gigs throughout Central Luzon, Region 3 and Region 4 with the help of Coca Cola Philippines and Globe Telecom. With the help of the Almighty, we had shows all over the joint. Hosting and spitting on the mic at Pampanga, Olongapo, Tarlac, Abra, Baguio, Zambales, Bulacan, Laguna, Cavite and the whole Metro Manila until 2006 which was a turning point for us.

On August 2006, I decided to make a Solo Album "The Ghetto Street of Tondo" under 187 Mobstaz with the help of Gab "Enzayne One". My songs "Bounce", "My Game", "Mason Karet", "Under Ako" and "Allstar" and many more songs was the shed of light in the Underground that made people realized, "there's songs like these in the underground". I remember the first copy of my album was ordered by a fine young lady who was from Novaliches City. I met her through Friendster, we had a rendezvous at Tondo. The weather that day was bizzare even though she knew she couldn't go back home that day cause of the "knee deep" flood, she was happy she purchased the album for P150.00 and a autograph with it. That was my "Buena Mano" for my album, and from then on, that was it. Shows and albums were being flooded everywhere, throughout the corners of the Phililppines. It was just word of mouth throughout the Underground with my album. I was amazed with the outcome, I could even hear my songs in jeepneys, side cars, "tambayan", "inuman" and internet shops. Even on one occasion in a funeral, they were playing my song "Bounce", little do I know it, that the person that past away was one of my fans.

I was pretty flexible with my schedule, I was spittin' on the mic and at the same time going to school even though I was sometimes late at school, hehehe. It was a must for me to finish shows and gigs even if I have to stay up late and be tired, for my music was my Passion.
For the Love of God, I graduated on April 2010 and yet I still had shows coming from all over the place.
I had a lot of T.V. appearances, Jingles and collaborations with different artists in the Philippines and throughout the globe and was even priviledged to meet my "Idols" and being good friends with them.

I am pretty happy and contented with my life for what I have exprienced and for what I have accomplished. Cocky on the mic but humble in real life "Good vibes lang" are my intentions with the industry I'm in.
I do thank my Mother "ok lang kahit utusan mo ko", my Father "para sa mga pananghaliang sermon" and my siblings for their support and patience.
187 Mobstaz Family for their encouragement and support, "I know you guys are always there for me and we're happy with what we do even though the money is not that abundant, at least we're still together, let us grow and be more stronger".
For all the people that I've worked with, been with, drank with, smoked with, "iwasan nyo na yan hehehe", sex with, told and had storys with, and for the rest that I've forgotten, you know who you are. Thank you soo much.

For all the people having faith and respecting and supporting me and 187 Mobstaz, I do thank you. Keep in touch for there are more songs to come that you will love and enjoy. Thank you, for if you guys are not there, we wouldn't be here as well. Thanks to all Haters for their time, if I get a chance to have a free time, I will Holla at you.

Please stay put and wait for my up coming 2nd solo album entitled "Mahal Kong Kultura" this year. This album is one of a kind and I assure you that your speakers will be bangin', you'll enjoy this album.

I want my group to amplify, grow and be stronger, and I also want Street Rappers who are not given the appropriate and enough attention to be recognized for I am also one of them. If I was going to be a filthy rich person one day, I would Prioritize them for all of us have dreams. If I am not gonna be that person to help them financially, I wish and hope BOLDLY for the individual who is reading this. Please Help them out. For the more, the many, the merrier.

Mike Kosa
Dos Talentos
187 Mobstaz



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