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Track listing:

1. Ligaw tingin - Scoop 01, Jheyluv & Cheytac Dominous
2. PUSO ( Recycle Bin )- Curse One & Zas
3. Kung maibabalik ko lang - Angel Boga
4. Iniwan Mo - Dize feat. Paraluman
5. Tanging pag-ibig mo - cheytac dominous
6. Whats goin on - Mic Gee
7. Jenny Song(just a friend) - Haste ft. Mike
8. I Can't Deny It - SwenexXx
9. Angel - Bhunso of M-Style
10.Kahit Magkalayo - 2kLeven
11.Ikaw - Sh1lo
12.I will never let you go - Pilipinas thugz
13.I just cant explain it - petecracc feat. einar lim
14.Frustrated Lovesong - Too Late
15.Di pa ba sapat - DMK
16.Ayaw ko ng balikan - Lil Ron K-Peyn
17.Nasan na - downers ft. mordo of b2daem
18.Love is Just (a touch away) - Unique Umali ft. Freddy Jackson

Dedication: Eros infinita vol.3 our 2nd Free Mixtape album. i would like to dedicate this to C&C
familia, to my team PHS (Gboy, Bj, Rix, crazyflipp, Teardrop, Jasmine luna, sasha, lala,
Dhada, Zas and J-zoom) and to all pinoy hiphop fans, PHS friends and to all who supported dedicated friends who always holla at me (Asha Mojica, Ira-Dyme, joke lang,Jhennhie Cashmere, Jinkee Joy Guzman, Lady Kaori, Ayabe, Yuri and boss Lil sisa) and those who participated to all my freestyle wall battles and Happy battles. para sa inyong lahat to. at para sa lahat na mga inlove.

would like to thank all the artist who participate and support me in this 2nd project, and to all who send their entries, although not all entries are choosen but thank you for the overwhelming support. marami pa tayong magiging projects. talented underground artist like: Signatura Records (Scoop 01, Jheyluv & Cheytac Dominous) Umaarangkada kayo sa Eros Album, if we happen to make events of this kailangan kasama kayo, Curse One & Zas (Wow Artist na ang may idea ng PEACE the album, Congrats boss Zas) Laguna Clan Muzic, (isa pa sa umarangkada sa EROS album),Angel Boga (nirequest ko pa ang song mo sa sobrang lupet), Dize feat. Paraluman, Mic Gee, Haste ft. Mike (Finally pinahiram nya na sakin ang Jenny Song) , SwenexXx, Bhunso of M-Style, 2kLeven, Sh1lo, Pilipinas thugz, Petecracc and Einar Lim, Too Late, DMK, Lil Ron K-Peyn, Downers, Mordo of b2daem, Unique Umali (again thanks for always supporting me sir), Freddy Jackson.

and thank you to sir Madshock (Rapista) for always giving me creative ideas and advice. i also like to credit him for giving me a very clever title for this love album.

Thank you Angelo Karl Francis Estipona for the Love Grafitti Style art.

The last Installment of EROS Infinita. The Volume 3!!! yeah Love is in the air.!!!

Note: i have error in Back cover inside. i might just post the jpeg upon request.

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