Thursday, September 4, 2014


ASHA: Why do you chose your A.K.A? What does it mean?

Jruss - It's the abbreviation of my first name, Jan Russel, so JRuss. for the CHASE, i got it from my all time favorite hit tv show entourage, one of the main characters name is Vincent Chase, i love everything bout vincent chase and i look up to him as an Artist a Friend and a Brother, his personality is truly a great role-model especially for an upcoming Artist like me. so JRuss Chase..

ASHA: How did you get started with Hip-Hop?Do you think this genre will last or will people get tired of it?

Jruss - I love Music ever since i was in diapers, i love listening to every kinds of music, though hiphop/rap music really gave me that un-explainable feeling, gave me that fire, the energy, the excitement and the thrill. so i started rapping and composing rap lyrics and here i am right now..

ASHA: Who were your music influences?

Jruss - Well Michael Jackson for me is the greatest Artist of all time.hiphopwise its Jay-z,pharell,bonethugs,eminem, local scene its Jolo Raagas.

ASHA: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Jruss - International Artists, it's Eminem, bonethugs, jay-z, pharell, kanye west, bow wow, nelly , lil wayne and now DRAKE..

Local Artist - Death Threat , Francis M, Andrew E, Mike Kosa , Unknown Critics , Kial , Mista Blaze , Jolo , Dcoy , Legit Misfits.

ASHA: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

Jruss - International,Right now I say its really with Drake because ive been listening to his music like a lot, every single day and he really inspires me with what im doing right now, both singing and rapping, and acting as well.
Local scene NONE

ASHA: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Jruss - My Perspectives.. i dont just go for "Good" as much as possible i always go for "Great"..
im versatile, I sing, rap and act. and i always go for the UN-USUAL.

ASHA: What will they (Your Fans/ Supporter) expect from you? this year?

Jruss - Lots of new tracks, TAGALOG and ENGLISH, Collaborations with Muriel, Jolo and a lot of known individuals. i have my new crew, Partners in Rhyme and DRP Music, i feel blessed to be with them especially with my Maestro, Gyran Mondejar aka Pino G and Mike Kosa.

ASHA: What do you usually do aside from Writing Songs and being a Rapper?

Jruss - I play basketball, Badminton i also Act, did a few indies and i'm a father of two beautiful girls.
ASHA: Which one would you choose? :

Brief or Boxers? -boxers
Coffee or Beer? -never been a fan of coffee ever since, so BEER! (beer guy to death)
Pizza or Tacos? - Pizza (lots a pizza to be exact, to hell with overrated pizzas man)
Liberated or Conservative? - i could be both it depends on my mood swings.
Long Hair or Short Hair? - for whom? LOL
Island Hopping or Bar Hopping? - BOTH!!! as long as its with alcohol and girls. haha
Video Games or Biking? - NEITHER
Single or Taken? - Taken since 1999
Photos or Memories? - Definitely Memories! its the one that never fades.

ASHA: Give a shout out...

Jruss - Shout outs to everybody! to all the JRuss Chase Supporters, and 187 Mobstaz supporters thank you! youre far to kind! Partners in Rhyme Fam - Mike Kosa, Patrick Louie Cruz, Stick nd City, Sterling Co. , Jhong Tiburcio. RUFF LAUREN my partner and producer!

DRP- Maduming Kwarto - Pino G, Don C, Tha Good, Just Hush , Zjay , Paul Royale , Punyal. Wave 89.1 - Dash Calzado (the Flow) phunky one Ent. Urban Pinas - My Manager Rona Cruz, Nathan J, Harry, Phillip, Ryan, B-Roc Ex-187 Crew - Kial, Toney Chrome, Abaddon ,Kaybee , Third-flo, Weeds, Butangero , Kyvz , Esse , Sparo. SureShot Thursday Fam

Rampage and Nice - Saints Culture - RM Santos, Chev Estrella. Gouts De Luxe

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lately PHS is not that active, buti nalang Lady PHS ASHA came to the rescue
and interview bunch of artist in her own way (which will be posted SOON)
and syempre as part of the PHS eto na :D - thanks partner

*Note: pictures belong to sir Jruss facebook account.

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