Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Random Interview: with Lady Kim

Nagsimula si Lady Kim with the Hardcore style and now she's part
of Breezy Family which is actually a different style of music
papano nga ba nag merge ang 2 style, how did she able to adopt
and get back on the scene? 
basahin ang mga napag usapan namin details below:

PHS: So anong bago sa sayo miss lady kim? how long are you in the business?
Ladykim: Im contracted with breezy music.. Still working on some songs and upcoming music videosAnd a lil busniess from jc premiere Nd online shop, Workin same old in a call center Tapos mommy pa din ! Super woman they call me

PHS: So thats dope multi tasker ka been in the hiphop scene for how long?
Ladykim: Exactly... Nakakahilo na nga minsan.. But i make sure i have time for my supportersI start rappin back in the 90's When in 12

PHS: what is this JC premiere all about?
Ladykim: Di ko na marecll Marecall Well networking sya
Pero hindi sya bluff Kasi ayoko din sumali dati

PHS: etong breezy actually medyo new school sila how did they ask you to join them?
Ladykim: Not until i tried the producta Well my italian dad's brother which to be my uncle is business partner with lux's dad Hahaah Business partner family namin Small world until i asks him what does he do etc.. Did'nt realize din until we gone out chillin Kasi i met lux nung bday ko

Tapos nagkakwentuhan ng matagal about family and all.. Tapos he told me bout one of his
boss which happens to me my uncleYup.. 

PHS: i see... but do you think may contrast kayo in your style? how did they ask you? do you recall the exact words?
Ladykim: Meron talaga Kaya nga he changes it Breezy Music For me

PHS: so this changes the breezy girls breezy boys genre?do you think?
Ladykim: Yup. Kungbaga sa school na all boys or all girls .. coed na sya now And his accepting any stlye Style na ..But of course with all due respect to him as well i have to adjust.. Coz we family I don't so love songs Now i does it Kahit ano..

PHS: The very first time you listen to them BREEZY? naisip mo ba na you should join them? o naisip mo na hindi ko yata style yan something like that?

Ladykim: I tols him straight up front i cant do it Told him Sabi ko hindi ako mag lolove song Then you know.. Xempre we have to exchange favors He will accept me and change his production to be open to all.. And i have to do my part as well Technically and i will be honest with you .. I am still the same Ladykim.. But breezy have opened my eyes in a diff kinda Level

PHS: Sila ba ang pumipili ng magiging members nito o yung management? and can i asked who's incharge?
Ladykim: It's not im not sure of it.. Rather i am sure about where i am now..Superiors ?? Yes of course Meron po Pero lahat po kami. 

PHS: So how is breezy now adays? i mean kamusta sila. i've been to a events na andun sila and they are quite famous you know?
Ladykim:Yes they are.. New breezy Members Kung sino ung mga pinopost namin un na ung official

PHS: di naman sila nailang sayo at first? you are quite hardcore way back 
Ladykim: Lets put it this way.. Nope They know me.. And the whole story ..Thats why its ninang and ninong

PHS: So what can we expect from this NEW breezy Roster of artist?any upcoming collabo album? o solo ones?
Ladykim: We don't do albums Songs and Videos

PHS: ano sa tingin mo ang tingin ng mga tao sa breezy camp?
Ladykim: We can't please everybody.. And so iba iba kami ng Style

PHS: dont do albums? meaning no breezy boys meets breezy girls next album?
Ladykim: Mostly when it comes to the original breezy godvibes Nope not that i am Aware of When it comes sa orig.. Goodvibes. When it comes to m mejo may bali Madami ako haterz I dunno why? 

PHS: yeah when i think about breezy i think about mga kabataan ngayon...hahahaha fuck haters
Ladykim: Maybe because im so upfront

PHS: maybe
Ladykim: I say what i want Realistic

PHS: but thats you
Ladykim: Exactly I say whats on my mind And what are the do's and Don't

PHS: sa tingin mo what have you learn from this new journey of yours? i mean the comeback, the joining camps? the change of styles?
Ladykim: Alot.. Especially sa pakikisama sa lahat ng taoIts not about rapping for meIts about loving the people around you

PHS: thats nice....
Ladykim: Kasi introvert ako dati And hindi ako nag expand ng kaibigan Kya akala nila Suplada ako

PHS: well im like that too, im not friendly so what can we expect from you in the future.?
Ladykim: I have so much more for them to be mad at.. So haterz be patient.. Lol Well.. Hehehe More music and videos

PHS: hahaha
Ladykim: Goodvibes

PHS: any final words to your supporters and to people whom supports the new breezy?
Ladykim: Keep supporting us thank you Guys for supporting us.. And to breezy Music thank you for believing in me 

PHS: give a final words to all your haters too...add a shout outs
Ladykim: May God be with us all.. And do not let anyone take you down do what you want practice makes permanent not perfect Haters....I have so much more for them to be mad at.. So haterz be patient.. Lol 

"Not everyone is versatile enough to adopt a style
and make it their own, or mature enough to accept
ones belief, pero nagawa nya yun, and she's learning
in the process. Now that she have another run are we 
ready for this mixture? i have no problem with that, seat
back and enjoy this new breed of music mga kapatid!" - PHS

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