Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Arlo Angeles Digital Media group INTERVIEW

you guys know that im so into pictures, the very reason why we have followers
the first thing people like about PHS is the set of pictures, pero i admit
i only grab them do some minor changes put it in a layout and everything is history.

that's why i have a lot of respect to real photographers, as i wanna be one
yet at this very moment "wannabe" one parin. well sabi nga nila hindi porke
may hawak kang DSLR eh Photographer ka na, lately i've been seeing photographs of Local

artist in a nice way, the presentation, the concept, the composition
only a photographer knows how to deliver.

so today i feature a real photographer.

check this interview below:

PHS: gano kana katagal in this photography scene? and who inspires you

Arlo Angeles DM: 5 years na. At first because of skateboard videos lang e, then na inspire ako sa mga landscape and cityscape ni Aaron Brown of Korean Photography Public Group then kay Jill Greenberg’s Portrait Photography. Now, I think I am following Joe L’s career sa photograph works ko.

Here’s their link for viewing purposes:

PHS: why did you make local rap artist as a subject?

Arlo Angeles DM: We don’t really intend to photograph much of them so I think its just faith or something. Or maybe because of Mr. Romarico Superable a.k.a. Crazymix and Lordivino Ignacio a.k.a. Basilyo who became our friends lately. Sila yung mga taong nagpahubog sa amin sa Hip-hop industry and until now we’re still learning.

PHS: have you been a big fan of local rap scene?

Arlo Angeles DM: Yup, Francis M. and Crazy as Pinoy when I was in mid grade.

PHS: eto interest ko lang, how you contact them(artist) or your subject?
what do you think drives them, or is there anyone na tinanong mo pero hindi pumayag?

Arlo Angeles DM: Through cellular phone and web. I don’t really think about how will I persuade them. I just do contact, then inform those details and if their interested then they will reply again and again. Just simple.

PHS: what do you call your style (in photography)

Arlo Angeles DM: My style, even me I want to ask my self about that subject. I don’t 
really know.But I’m trying to have a signature photograph that I think and hope soon as you look at 
that photo, you will knew that I am the one who took that image. I called it 
“Arlo’s Disintegration Effect”. Sana matupad po, hehe!!

PHS: what are your weapon of choice(camera, editing tools)

Arlo Angeles DM: Before, I’m in Minolta cams then now I upgrade to Sony DSLR camera brand. I use Adobe Photoshop Cs2 to 6 and minsan Adobe Light Room. Mga iyon lang yata.

PHS: na medyo corny is there any tip you can give to any aspiring photographers out there.

Arlo Angeles DM: Kahit may iniidolo ka, please try to be unique and don’t ever go happy with your works. Always push to the limit and don’t stop learning.

PHS: addition.., how can they contact you, or see your gallery 

Arlo Angeles DM: Through social network, the Facebook. Sobrang kilala kasi ito around the Globe so here nalang. Here’s my Facebook page: And through my digits 0917-932-4676.

Arlo Angeles Digital Media Group is not just one person. We are a group and feel free to join us if you want. Thanks for this interview Pinoy HiphopSuperstar, keep smiling and peace.

"Arlo’s Disintegration Effect" now thats how you do a trademark :D 

check his wonderfully samples below featuring local rap stars.

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