Monday, December 8, 2014

Artistic Eyes - A day with a photographer: Mark Dexter Lau

Okey non-related...

I always wanted to be photographer but sadly i don't have that much talent, but i wanna be one someday. Last sunday nagkaron ako ng pagkakataon na sumama sa isang photoshoot, that i actually set to help a friend and to learn too.

It's nice to talk to smart people because you learn from them and i indeed learn alot.

while talking to sir Mark Dexter Lau i realized na meron palang iba't ibang klase ng photographers
and there's "Conceptual photographers" like him who sticks with his ideas and expertise, and treat
every shots like art, i find it old school and i like that way. Hindi ung mga tipong basta makakuha lang or basta maging close lang sa mga models and so many reasons whatsoever.

Isa sa mga hindi ko makakalimutang sinabi ni sir Dex ay yung hindi nya kino consider and sarili nya bilang isang photographer dahil mas gusto nyang mag focus sa videos, but his ideology in the field of photography is better than normal. Humble and Artistic indeed.

anyways i was there, i was watchin, and taking some shots, and observing.

enough of talk and check the pics below:

Model: Marivic Esquillo
Photographer: Mark Dexter Lau

showing what it looks like

teaching how to pose

hands should be relax

learning to have that attitude

sorry if i include a non related post to my blog, it's a personal interest and im just amazed, excited and always interested in this. Meeting professional people and doing something together to help one another and LEARN

now back to the regular programing - PHS

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